​I have been fishing for over 45 years, and have worked 8 years as a charter captain. So my personal experiences on the water give me an unique perspective on which lures catch and which don’t. Back in 2003, my wife got the idea to start an online business selling the homemade lures I was having so much success with. I was making my own lures because I found them to be much more reliable and effective for catching Striped Bass than those already available on the market. So we began selling our products on-line and in no time, we were getting requests from tackle shops up & down the East Coast.

Our striped bass fishing lures have quickly gained a strong following from recreational fishermen and professional charter captains. To add to our outstanding initial lineup of exceptional trolling products, we have developed excellent hard baits that are tried, tested, and proven to deliver amazing dependability. We have super swimmers, surface poppers, sinking tins and swimmers geared towards helping fishermen catch stripers in each level of the water column.

If you’re a fishing enthusiast looking for outstanding lures that are specially designed for catching striped bass, there’s no better place to get them than here at T-Man Custom Tackle, LLC.


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