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T-Man Custom Tackle is a striped bass lure specialist backed by over 45 years of in-depth knowledge and experience in the fishing industry. Here at T-Man Custom Tackle, we develop and manufacture top quality Striped Bass casting and trolling lures. For the past decade, we have been producing some of the most dependable and productive lures that are sought after and relied upon by even the most experienced anglers throughout the stretch of the eastern seaboard. Our T-Man Striper Trolling Tubes and Tube Tail Spoons have become mainstays for both recreational fishermen and professional charter captains.
Tube Fishing
After over four decades of fishing, which includes 8 years of work as a charter captain, I have tried just about every type of lure out there. Through my experiences, I have learned that there are certain types of lures that work more consistently than others, delivering better results with each fishing trip I use them. To add to our outstanding lineup of exceptional trolling products, we have developed excellent hard baits that are tried, tested, and proven to deliver amazing dependability. We have super swimmers, surface poppers, sinking tins and swimmers geared towards helping fishermen catch stripers in each level of the water column. Each lure comes with 3X strong VMC hooks and have high quality salt water hardware.

If you’re a fishing enthusiast looking for outstanding lures that are specially designed for catching striped bass, there’s no better place to get them than here at T-Man Custom Tackle, LLC.


1. Can I fish my T-Man Striper Tube without any weight?
     Yes, you can rig your T-Man Striper Tube without any weight to troll in shallow waters. Tie a quality swivel on the end of your main line and attach a 3ft piece of fluorocarbon leader from the swivel to the tube.  Or better yet, tie a T-Man Quick Change Weighted Keel "in-line" with your tube and simply remove the weight. Now your fishing weightless but also ready to add weight back on the frame when needed.

2. How much weight should I use to reach the depths I want to fish?
      How much weight to use varies from trip to trip and area to area. It is dependent upon tides, currents, wind conditions, boat speed, line out behind the boat and boat direction. Below is a chart which will give you a good idea where to start!

Note: Use a bit more weight than the chart below describes when trolling our Tube Tail Spoons!!

3. How fast should I troll the tube and worm rig?
     Slow, slow, slow!!!   2 to 3 mph - Watch your speed on GPS

4. What should I use as bait to add to my T-Man Striper Tube?
      Fresh sandworms, bloodworms, fresh eel, thinly cut squid strips, nightcrawlers, artificial sand worms or whatever local bait works.

5. What type of line should I use when trolling the Tube & Worm?

      Braided Spectra fiber lines from 30-50 pound test work very well with the T-Man Striper Tube and Quick Change Weighted Keel system. Stay away from mono.

6. Will other fish besides stripers hit the tube and worm rig?
       Yes! Bluefish and other gamefish will hit the tube and worm rig readily!
Here's a list of fish caught on T-Man Striper Tubes ove the last few years...
Striped Bass, Bluefish, Blackfish, Fluke, Scup, Sea Bass, Sand Shark, Barracuda, Cobia, False Albacore Tuna and Weakfish.

7. Does the tube color really matter?
      Absolutely. The scarlet tubes are consistently effective in almost all conditions. However, when fishing in murky or stained waters, try the hot pink Orange, or Hi-Vis bubblegum tube. The ebony tube can also be very productive just about anytime. Don't be afraid to troll a couple of different colors to help get a feel for what's hot on a given day!!

For more information on fishing the Tube & Worm, see my article entitled " Trolling Lite "